Les Morris Upholstery provides a wide range of upholstery and restoration services, along with expert advice and over 35 years experience

At Les Morris Upholstery we use high quality materials. And each reupholstery and restoration will be done to the highest of standards.

Les Morris Upholstery specialises in:
• Antique furniture, including diamond buttoned upholstery
• Modern day furniture
• Recliners
• Dining chairs
• Lounge suites
• Sofas
• Chaise chairs
• Leather furniture
• Ottomans
• Cushions
• Bedheads
• Stools

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At Les Morris Upholstery we provide a range of repair services such as:
• Repadding
• Rewebbing
• Reglueing
• Respringing

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If you want to bring your favourite chair or lounge back to life contact Les Morris Upholstery today.